mardi 17 avril 2007


I recommend this show to any students who want to know more about Superman and his history. It’s a really good TV program to learn English easily and developed the pronunciations because they never speak to fast. I’ve started to watch Smallville because of my English class and I love it, I love it enough to continue to watching it. The story is not annoying and it can keep you easily awake. I suggest to you to listen the episode in order, one season at time, and if you do that you will learn more about all the character evolution and you will probably be able to know why each character make that decision and not another.

mardi 20 mars 2007


Saison : 3

Episode : 10

Title : Whisper

(I am Clark Kent)
The episode started while I went to buy a ring for my mother Martha Kent. Two men came to steal from the market and with my fire eyes I stopped one of them, but I lost my sight, because when I shot the criminal the fire ball made a rebound on a green kryptonite and went right on my eyes. I tried to be a good citizen, but the criminal that I caught tried to get out of the jail by taking the son of the judge, Pete in hostage. The other thief caught Pete ,in front on me, but I couldn’t do anything to help him, and I tried to get Pete out of trouble. Like a blind man, my other senses are increased, but I don’t support sound anymore, so my dad helped me concentrate on his voice. After my long research I found him in a junkyard and I was able to liberate him before it was too late.

mardi 20 février 2007


Saison : 3
Episode 9

Title : Asylum

The episode started while Clark went to see Lex at the hospital. Lex told him he needed some help to get out from that hospital and he told him then he knew Clark’s secret. After that meeting Lex tried to escape by himself. Clark thought Lex was OK and that he was just on the effects of the medicine that his father gave to him. Lionel wanted to know Clark's secret and he was ready to do everything to know it, including killing his own boy Lex. Clark wanted to save Lex before is father wanted to try an experiment on him. But an old enemy came and stopped Clark with kryptonite. Lex was too powerless to help Clark. The enemy brought Clark to another area to steal the power of Clark Kent. Lionel took Lex and brought him to the laboratory and started the experiment, but while the enemy tried to steal the power of Clark that caused a shortcut and Lex's experiment was interrupted. Clark had to fight to save and regain his power. After he achieved that quest he went to save Lex. But Lex was at home, so Clark went to see Lex at his home and Lex didn’t remember anything. So the secret of Clark Kent is still a secret for Lionel.

mardi 6 février 2007


The TV program that I have chosen is Smallville. Smallville is the TV program that talks about Clark Kent better known as Superman. I chose this program because I am a great fan of Superman. I know Kent has many power like flying laser eye and he was practically invincible and much more but only one thing can stop him, Kryptonite .There are many kinds of Kryptonite and they have many different effects on Clark. There are many main characters Clark Kent, Lex Luther, Lionel Luther… But that three are the most important The story takes place in Smallville and all the major conflicts in the story resolve around a mysterious cavern in Smallville. The caverns talks about a kind of god who must reign on the earth. And Lex, the best friend of Clark, who will become dark and he tries to learn about the caverns until he has to defeated Kent.